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Thomas Aksnes "Ta ansvar for din egen helse"


Thomas Aksnes, founder of the international Health Optimizing clinic group and the world leader in technology-based medicine, has written a book "Take Responsibility For Your Own Health" that addresses the most crucial factors you can influence for optimal health.

Chapter 1: Self-regulation of the body
There are millions of processes going on in your body at all times, and these are controlled by a fairly comprehensive self-regulatory system. The chapter addresses the factors that are important to know about in order to help the body's regulatory mechanisms rather than counteract them. The chapter also provides a basic understanding of what affects health.

Chapter 2: Thoughts, feelings and subconscious
Both physical and mental health are largely governed by your conscious and subconscious thoughts and feelings. Chapter 2 describes in a simple way how these factors work and what you can do to improve.

Chapter 3: Diet
This chapter describes how diet affects health and what is important to know in general about diet. You also get an overview of the most important factors in relation to what you should avoid and what is important to understand.

Chapter 4: Electromagnetic radiation
There are many sources of radiation that you are exposed to daily, and this chapter describes how electromagnetic radiation can affect your body, both in good and in pain. You will also get an overview of the most important factors and how you can most easily reduce the radiation exposure you are exposed to.

Chapter 5: Other health factors
Each day you are exposed to a number of load factors that do not fall under the previous chapters. This chapter lists the most important ones and describes how to easily avoid them. The chapter also describes other health-promoting measures that are both quick, affordable and easy to implement.

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