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Body Stimulator


An automatic exercise machine that creates a rhythmic and optimal movement of the body to quickly and effectively provide:

  • Maximum blood circulation to supply more blood and oxygen to the tissue
  • Lymphatic circulation boosted to the extreme (18 times compared to walking)
  • Increased flexibility of the back, as the movement triggers the joints to "lubricate"
  • Better effect of CellRegulation when used together (flushing the tissue with oxygen)

In 10 minutes you get blood circulation equivalent to about an hour of regular exercise. This results in more oxygen in the cells, increased lymphatic circulation (improves the detoxing capabilities) and improved fitness and other essential factors.

The combination of these benefits are known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and other health problems.

In addition, the Body Stimulator gives an optimal movement of the joints in the spine, which maximizes lubrication of them and leads to better flexibility and strength in the back. For many common back ailments this may be the solution.

This body stimulator is a further development of "Chi Machines" through it’s unique and important shielding against the unhealthy radiation from the electromotor.

This effect is also crucial when used with CellRegulation, as the electrosmog would otherwise overshadow the pulsed magnetic field therapy from CellRegulation. The combination of Body Stimulator and CellRegulation has synergetic effects, and results in a significantly better effect of both: 1 + 1 = 3

Use it every day you’re not doing other exercise. 10 min. covers the minimum daily requirement for exercise.

Adjustable settings for time, speed and extras. Must be used in a grounded socket (due to the shielding).

Currently only available with 110V. 

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