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Delphi Ultra MX Water Purifier


The Delphi Ultra MX water purifier cleans the water optimally, increases the water’s uptake and utilization in the body, gives the water adjustable pH, antioxidant effect, beautiful taste and optimal health benefits! Unlike Alphion MX, it has a separate designer tap on the countertop while the main unit is under the sink.

Clean water

An optimal therapeutic water must be clean and safe. The water purifiers have a three-part filter system including a 9-stage filter that filters bacteria, parasites, dirt, sediments, chlorine, chemicals, odors and after-taste. In addition, there is a FIR (Far InfraRed) system and a computerized ionizing system which, at the molecular level, produces clean water with optimal molecular composition. The entire system is self-cleaning, and does not give rise to sediments on the ionization plates or bacterial growth. The water is completely clean and “alive”, and the electrolytic properties of the water, needed to conduct natural signals in the body, is maintained. This is a unique property of these water purifiers, and makes it a much better solution than reversed osmosis or other filtering systems.

Proper pH

With the Delphi Ultra MX you can easily set the pH value from about 4 to 10, depending on the water quality. The water is separated into two outlets, the average being equal to the tap water that comes into the machine. When selecting a higher pH on the outlet for pure therapeutic water, the ionization strength increases. The highest pH levels are used for making acid-neutral coffee, for highlighting the taste and nutrition of cooked food, and as a 3-6 week cure if your body is acidic. PH 7 is only used when taking pills or drinking water with meals, while the lower PH values can be used, for example, for external treatment of problematic skin. If you have a good lifestyle and do not need extra high pH to compensate for anything, pH8 will be perfect for your daily drinking water.

Antioxidant effect

The Delphi Ultra MX give the water an effective antioxidant effect through electronic ionization. An excess of negative ions is created, and the water can therefore neutralize free radicals and other oxidants in the cells’ environment. The effect is measured in ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential), and the water achieves a total of -200 mV to -730 mV, depending on the mineral balance of the water. When there is an additional need for antioxidants, maximum ionization can be used. Otherwise a setting which is in proportion to the daily requirement according to your pH balance should be used.


The Delphi Ultra MX break down the clusters of H2O molecules , and by breaking the large clusters in tap water, the uptake is greatly enhanced. Optimal water has H2O clusters similar to the water inside the cells, and the Delphi Ultra MX create the perfect structure and composition on each molecular cluster. In addition, the water's surface tension is reduced, which also helps improve water absorption and the body's utilization of the water. Water from Delphi Ultra MX hydrates the body optimally, and is also noticeably easier to drink.

Oxygen rich water

The Delphi Ultra MX create an oxygen-rich water, and the oxygen is bound to provide a good effect in the body without creating oxidative stress. A Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to the person who discovered the importance of the amount of oxygen in the fluid that surrounds all the cells in the body. The difference between good and bad taste of the water is not just how clean the water is. The amount of oxygen in the water has so much to say for the taste, and the mineral balance also makes an influence. Oxygen rich, well-composed and clean water gives a beautiful taste, and Delphi Ultra MX make the perfect water from regular tap water.

Separate Tap

The Delphi Ultra MX is a bundle with the Alphion MX and the Delphi designer tap. The main unit (Alphion MX) can be placed under the sink at home, while just a small designer tap with touchpad and display (Delphi) is placed on the countertop. The main unit under the sink can easily be disconnected and brought to a cabin or elsewhere for countertop use connected to the tapwater outlet. When Delphi Ultra MX is bought as a complete package, an electronic solenoid waterstop valve is included for free in countries where it is required by regulations, such as in Norway.

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