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Non-toxic Water Bottle


FreeWater Bottles

Have you ever wondered if the plastic bottle you drink from can be harmful to your health? The use of plastic bottles has long been warned due to their content of substances such as BPA (bisphenol A) and Phthalates. Today, there are therefore many drinking bottles on the market marked as BPA-free, but these products may still contain other harmful substances, including one called Bisphenol BPS. Studies show that this chemical, like BPA, can disrupt the endocrine (hormonal) system.

The Danish company FreeWater has developed these fantastic drinking bottles which are:
  • 100% non-toxic (completely free of BPA, BPS, phthalates, bisphenol A, heavy metals and other harmful additives)
  • Odour and taste-neutral (does not affect smell or taste even over time)
  • Lightweight with a suitable size
  • Washable in dishwasher
  • Suitable for liquids with a temperature of 0-80 °C
  • Made of dimensionally stable and recyclable polypropylene

The bottle is great to use for both young and old, and perfect to take with you to the gym, work, school or even when travelling. It is durable and will last for several years. The bottle cap can be locked so that it will always be safe to carry it in your backpack or bag.

Size: Small (0,5) and Large (0,7)

Colours: black, grey, blue, green, purple and pink

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