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Alkapod + Free Carrying case


Get the Convenient carrying case for the AlkaPod for free.

AlkaPod is a convenient drinking bottle that converts clean water into alkaline, ionized therapeutic water.

Many health problems are more or less linked to acidification of the body (interstitial acidosis) and the easiest way to avoid acidosis is to drink alkaline water. AlkaPod improves the water pH and mineral balance additionally provides an anti-oxidant function (ORP) and reduces molecular clusters, which makes it easier for the body to absorb water.

AlkaPod has 13 minerals that affect the water and have an electric potential and other special properties: Tourmaline, Zeolite, Maifanshi stone, FIR stone, Muyu jade, special clay, nano silver and kaolin. The minerals in the bottom of the bottle (anions) have the opposite charge to the minerals in the replaceable container at the top of the bottle (cations), which together make a natural ionization of water between them. This unique and optimal formulation is patented and is the result of many years of research. There are cheaper copies that look very similar to the AlkaPod and can have many of the mentioned minerals. However, these only deliver minerals to the water to increase the pH, and it has very little effect on the pH effect in the body. The reason is that the water is absorbed in the body through an osmotic process, and minerals that are added to water will not be absorbed with the water. The original AlkaPod does not add minerals, the minerals only emit ions during the ionization process, which, in turn, increases the pH in a way that allows the water to get the right pH in the body, while also providing an antioxidant effect and improved bioavailability.

AlkaPod is used simply by filling it up with clean water and allowing it to stand for 5-10 minutes, and the water will be transformed into therapeutic water. It is best to use bottled water or water from a good filter system. If you have tap water that is tested not to have any heavy metals etc, you can use it, but, if possible, boil it first and let it cool down. Most bottled water is made through reversed osmosis and is unhealthy, acidic water with poor electrolytic properties. But when you put this water in the AlkaPod for 10 minutes, it is converted to extremely healthy drinking water. AlkaPod is a perfect solution for getting optimal water while on the go. At home or at work, it is best to have a Delphi MX or Alphion MX water optimizing machines that optimally clean the water, and that will also be cheaper in the long run. But as the first step to therapeutic water, AlkaPod is a good alternative even at home and in the office.

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