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Health Optimizing ThyreoGym

Stagnating fitness and weak metabolism are far too common. These issues can lead to many consequences, such as low energy, obesity, and compromised regeneration. Health Optimizing ThyreoGym is a patented Class IIa medical device providing an effective home solution!

Health Optimizing ThyreoGym is an approved and patented Class IIa medical device. Proven benefits include faster regeneration, weight regulation, less build-up of lactate, and more energy reserves.

Key Benefits

  • Supports the thyroid function
  • Stimulates cell metabolism (cellular function)
  • Stimulates fat metabolism (weight regulation)
  • Increases energy reserves (minimises exhaustion & fatigue)
  • Reduces the risk of functional & structural muscle injuries
  • Prevents build-up of lactate and aches after exercise
  • Speeds up regeneration (recovery and healing)
  • Increases performance, power reserves, and stamina

Recommended Use

For optimal results, Health Optimizing ThyreoGym should be
used as follows:

  • Week 1: Once-daily, at midday.
  • Week 2: Twice daily, in the morning and afternoon.
  • Week 3 onwards: Morning and afternoon, plus an extra
  • session in between if desired.

No Negative Side-Effects!

The only known “side effects”, according to clinical trials, are improved libido and sexual functions, a more balanced menstrual cycle, and cardiovascular improvements.

Proven By Clinical Trials

There is a vast amount of documentation proving the efficacy of Health Optimizing ThyreoGym, which are available upon request. This is a stand-out German device with no other like it on the market!