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Water Filter

These water filters fit Alphion and Delphi water purifiers.


This filter can be used regardless of the quality of available drinking water. The filter has a 9-step filtering process where all microorganisms and harmful substances, such as drug residues and others, are filtered out. 0.1 micron filtering pores are 5 times smaller than the smallest known bacteria, which result in a completely safe water. The water still retains its minerals through the unique cleansing process, which is very important for electrolytic properties of water. The filter is the same as the one provided with the machine, and must be replaced yearly. If 2500 liters are consumed in less than a year, it must be replaced sooner, and there is a small indicator on the machine that signals this.

Extra Fine

This extra fine filter is 10 times finer than the standard, which also filters everything 5 times smaller than the smallest bacteria. Unless the input water is very clean, this filter might get clogged sooner than the estimated filter life for the standard filter.


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